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Who we are:
We are a casual raiding guild on the Alliance side of the server, Caelestrasz. We are a mature and family friendly guild who have people of all ages, levels and playstyles. We are a group of friends who started raiding together back in Wrath and formed EoD almost 4 years ago.

We are currently forming a raid team. If you would like to be a part of our core team let us know! We like an occasional drink, which can lead to some NSFW language and sillyness. If this sounds like you, please come join us :)

Vent is required aswell as a couple of addons, GTFO and DBM. If you've never raided or have no idea about addons we can also help you in that department :)

We are a family friendly guild so occasionally we will have under 18s online, which means we have a strict no swearing policy in guild chat. All new members will recieve the rank of Recruit for 1 month. After they have been deemed active in the guild for that time they will be promoted to guildie and gain access to the guild bank.

We hold lotteries, events, Help each other with achieves, raid weekly and occasionally enjoy throttling horde in battlegrounds. If you'd like to be a part of our friendly little guild and help make it grow, sign up today!

Pst any of our members today for an invite :)

Our Members:
GM: Zharceress & Rizzladin
Authority: Rifkin, Linnia, Lellea, Muneshadow, Haandi & Pokarii
Sheriff's: Fitzey, Razzladin, Keiser, Talinn

Last updated: 24 Sep, 2016 - Mune